Gay-friendly wedding photographer

 gay wedding picture of two brides

We love creative photography, and most gay weddings give us a wonderful opportunity to play around a bit with our couples, so give Elaine a call  on 07990 867058 if you fancy taking advantage of this kind of exciting and yet romantic style of Civil Partnership wedding photography, or just to find out a bit more.  You can see some of two grooms here or a female couple's Gothic wedding in Leeds. The first few photos from our latest gay wedding for two brides in Cheshire are online in several galleries on our Facebook site. (click on pink words as they are links to see the photos)
creative gay wedding picture of two grooms

Richard and Gary's  - above - was one of our first Civil Partnerships in 2006 and remains one of my favourites even after all this time!  They still check our Facebook page for new pictures too!

Gothic Gay wedding in Leeds, with two brides