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Romeo and Juliet naturally romantic kiss

This pic is from a wedding with a lovely young couple from York. The  bride and groom had just come out from their ceremony, and sneaked a kiss, before the guests had time to file out of the venue, so they had no idea I was pointing my long lens at them!

Your wedding will be an emotional day, so I guess you are loooking for a caring and professional wedding photographer, with years of experience to take care of your photos for you, to capture your expressions, and much-loved faces...

Wedding photographer Elaine has won various awards for her photography since the early noughties  which in itself isn't important but it does show that others value her work and she has a lively Facebook Page where recent wedding pictures tend to be posted for all the bride and groom's family and friends to share and enjoy - unless of course you are not up for this.

 Hazlewood castle wedding pictures

The photo montage above shows pictures from a wedding ceremony at Hazlewood Castle -  a wedding venue between Leeds and York. Our lovely bride already knew me from her first wedding which I photographed in 2006, and had also photographed the couple when they were guests at other weddings I was photographing too, so it was a very relaxed and happy wedding day.


Fun wedding photograhy in York as the groom rises from a grave at night during the evening wedding reception at the Hospitium, pretending to scare his bride and the children.


I also love taking natural wedding pictures - also known as photo-journalistic, or reportage, or documentary photography - so this one where a little girl is trying to tie her satin slipper, while sitting in a pile of confetti, after having spent al afternoon running around the wedding venue at Tong Holiday Inn near Bradford.   The grass stains show how much fun she had at the midsummer wedding!

Asian bride's face

Asian wedding at Crossley House in Halifax - a magnificent stately home with plenty of parking and room for an exclusive wedding reception. We create natural wedding pictures, as well as family portraits in a storybook wedding album.  This is one of our recent wedding venues in West Yorkshire where we were videoing aand photographing an Asian wedding.

 See here for photos from wedding venues around Leeds and here for an Asian wedding in Leeds (Click on pink words as they are links to see the photos.) I was recently the wedding photographer at a modern Asian wedding at The Mansion in Leeds too, but as usual with Pakistani, Bengali, and Somali weddings, my brides and groom's families don't want their photos online, so its very difficult to show all the beautiful, colourful images - and many very natural ones too - that I would love to post here!

So whether your wedding is in Leeds, or the surrounding areas such as Dewsbury, Huddersfield, or Bradford, or Wakefield, West Yorkshire, a multicultural, multi-day event or a long day with lots going on - I know you will have a great time with us!

xx Elaine and Jorge - invite us to share your dream.